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Shingo Akao

Kazushi Yamanaka

Nobuo Takeda

Yusuke Tsukahara

Yoshiki Sasaki

CEO of Japan Strategic Capital Co., Ltd. and Human Life Management Inc.

1973: Graduated from the Department of Precision Engineering, Kyoto University, 1976: MS of Systems engineering from Kyoto University, joined Hitachi, exporting and designing the heavy industry machinery. 1988: joined SRI International, as an industry consultant. 1990: Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd.(JAIC), Investment manager. 1996: Executive Director of JAIC. 1998: Managing director of JAIC. 2008: Resigned from JAIC as Senior managing director when it is listed at main board of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and took office of the President of JAIC Seed Capital. 2013: MBO of a subsidiary into Japan Strategic Capital where he is CEO. While in JAIC, he was responsible for investing into more than 100 companies, mostly Asian ones, including Alibaba, Saigon Securities Inc. , and Sinomed.

Kimitaka Furuya

Director of Ball Wave Inc., Manager of Investment Department, Tohoku Venture Partners.

In 1984, B. S. from the Department of Economics, Otaru University of Commerce. In 2009, completed MBA program of Globis Management School. From 1984 to 2007 at Panasonic, he was responsible for various projects of planning and launching new products, namely Application Service Provider business for the production and streaming of video contents, from scratch in collaboration with a corporate venture. Joined Konica-Minoruta in 2007, responsible for the business development of “barrier films” and “heat shielding films”, and “anti-reflection films for the LCD displays. Joined Tohoku Ventre Partners in 2016, he is responsible for strategic planning of manufacturing businesses, the project management, and seed-investment and early-stage investment with hands-on support.


Michiya Iwasaki

April 1999 Admitted as Attorney at Law
April 1999 - February 2005 Kamo Law Office
April 2005 - October 2007 Financial Services Agency
November 2007 - December 2012 Atsumi & Sakai
December 12 - Present Kusunoki & Iwasaki

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