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Sysmex to Commence Sales of the SYLPH Ultra-Miniature High-Performance Gas Chromatograph produced by Ball Wave
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TRUSVAL Technology starts marketing the trace moisture sensors by Ball Wave exclusively for the semiconductor
industry in Taiwan, China, and surrounding A/P regions.

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Ball Wave selected for FY2021 NEDO TRY:
Promotion of development of a ball SAW sensor to detect airborne viruses in less than a minute

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Ball Wave, Tohoku University, and Toyoda Gosei in joint development of
high-speed COVID-19 sensor:- Aiming for direct detection of viruses in aerosols -

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Ball Wave develops ultra-miniature high-performance gas chromatograph.
- a product of R&D collaboration at JAXA Space-Exploration Innovation Hub -

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181.44 million Japanese Yen was raised on the 8th of March, 2021.
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Ball Wave Selected for JAXA’s Space Exploration Innovation Hub Program
Towards practical realization of highly sensitive and accurate portable gas sensor for volatile detection

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600 million Japanese Yen was raised on the 5th of November, 2018.
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October 10, 2018. We began accepting orders for the FalconTrace mini (FT-300WT) High-speed Portable Trace-Moisture Analyzer.
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230 million Japanese Yen was raised on the 16th of September, 2016.
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