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FalconTrace Trace Moisture Analyzer Series

Measuring ultra-trace amounts of moisture at ultra-high speed to bring innovation to manufacturing processes.

About Trace Moisture Analyzer

The “FalconTrace” trace moisture analyzer is a device that quantitatively measures the water molecules contained in ultra-small quantities of industrial gases and natural gas using a ball SAW sensor.

It has an extremely fast response, is able to monitor changes in the amount of moisture in real time, and can also be used for two-component measurement of moisture quantity with background gas composition analysis. The moisture concentration in the gas can be measured accurately down to the 1 ppb (part per billion) level.

Principle of Ball SAW
Sensor Measurement

① Interdigital transducer (IDT) generates surface acoustic waves.
② Surface acoustic waves propagate around the equator of the ball and react to slight changes in the sensitive film.
③ The interdigital transducer detects the signal change of the reacted surface acoustic waves.
④ Highly sensitive sensing is realized by integrating minute changes by multiple laps.

Example installations and applications

  • Semiconductor fabrication equipment manufacturer
    (Mainly preprocessing)
  • Manufacturing processes for rechargeable battery and material manufacturers
  • Industrial gas manufacturers

Product lineup

Since the response speed is extremely fast and changes in moisture levels can be monitored in seconds, this is useful for stabilizing the yield and quality of products in semiconductor and rechargeable battery manufacturing processes.

It does not need to be reconfigured for each background gas, and can be used for simultaneous detection in cases where there are variations in the constituents, such as in natural gas. Since the sensor material is a quartz crystal ball, it offers the advantages of corrosion resistance and being lightweight and easy to carry around.


Top model in the series that realizes "ultra" trace moisture measurement

  • • Measures a wide range from dew point –110°C to –20°C
  • • In addition to dew point measurement, background gas * composition (equivalent to average molecular weight) is also detected at the% level
    * Background gas: Gas for which water content is measured
  • • One unit covers different background gases from natural gas to high-purity gas

Application example

Quality control of industrial gases during the production and at the time of shipment, and purity control of gases for semiconductor manufacturing


Medium model that enables real-time measurement in the middle range

  • • Detecting changes from the dew point of -90°C within 1 second, ideal for real-time control system measurement
  • • Built-in type is available, too
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Application example

Quality control of general manufacturing lines, moisture content monitoring of battery manufacturing process


A small general-purpose model that emphasizes portability while maintaining high-speed responsiveness

  • Detecting changes from the dew point of -70°C within 1 second, suitable for real-time control system measurement
  • Lightweight and compact with a weight of 2 kg, easy to carry to the target area
  • Battery-drive enables the use in places where there is no commercial power supply

Application example

Dry box, space moisture distribution, general gas

Product Specifications