News Release

News Release

January 9, 2023.

CES 2023 Report; Minister Nishimura visits Ball Wave booth at CES

Ball Wave Inc. exhibited a booth at CES 2023 from 5th Jan. to 8th Jan. Prior to the show, we exhibited booths at CES Unveiled (3rd Jan.) and CES Showstoppers (5th Jan.).
‘Sylph’ won a CES 2023 INNOVATION AWARD in the Mobile Devices & Accessories category.

We showcased an ultra-compact gas chromatograph ‘Sylph’ as world’ smallest device for ‘sniffing’ chemicals in the air. We demonstrated a visual format of aromas, which enables an electronic nose of robots and drones.
Potential collaborations to be discussed further, major IT company, US public institution and public project agency, etc. have shown interest, and concrete discussions will start in the future. More than 100 companies, including a major chemical manufacturer, expressed interest in purchasing “Sylph”.

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Nishimura, who leads Japan’s startup support, visited our booth and CEO Akao explained the ball SAW technology and its product. 
In the evening, only 4 CEOs including Akao among 36 J-Startups were invited to a dinner with Minister Nishimura.
Akao gave an opinion to him that there is lack of CxOs for local startups, and occasionally he announced a new policy to support human resources in Japanese startups. And also Akao explained about our COVID-19 sensor to attendees from the Ministry.